Rock in Sand

As a wife, mother, and two decades of corporate experience I understand the challenges faced in trying to find balance and showing up 100% for any one of those things. Most days at the office or in the field, I felt stressed or frustrated, or I left home feeling that way, turning my workday upside down. One was affecting the other and I didn’t know how to be happy in any part of my life. I developed habits such as people pleasing and the need to control in order to try to find happy and stay calm. Negative feelings would be building up such as feelings of anger, resentment and emptiness.

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Throughout my career, I have managed many and mentored many more. While I thought making external changes such as moving, changing jobs or even to starting my own company, would suddenly make me happy, I was wrong. Many of these habits and feelings followed me. The more I changed eternally I became more unhappy. It was not until I focused on making internal changes, got out of my head and into my heart, that I saw a shift in my energy and was able to create new habits. With creating new habits, I started to feel happier. It takes more than just having awareness of what to do and reading self-help books, it takes daily practice.  Changing our external world will not change our internal world. If you looking to change habits and shift your energy to gain increased happiness and clarity in all aspects of your life, come listen to me speak! Do you work or live in a challenging environment and wonder how it can be different? Do you wonder if you will ever find happiness? I will teach you what has worked for me to increase my vibration and find happiness.