Do you work or live in a challenging environment?

Are you looking to change habits that cause you pain or don’t serve you anymore?

As a wife, mother, and two decades of corporate experience, I can relate.  I will teach you daily practices that have transformed the way I live my life and how I react in most situations. A simple practice such as letting things be Ok, will dramatically shift energy and you will choose to be happy instead of fighting to be right. I am a personal development junkie, but found I was only making external changes such as changing jobs, reducing hours, and even trying new hobbies.  

It wasn’t until I got out of my head and dropped into my heart that I really understood HOW change happens. We need to shift internally for our external world to change. The concepts of what we can do not new. I found I was struggling with the HOW to implement these tools. Through simple tools that could be practiced anywhere daily, I saw my energy shift and my experiences become more positive and enjoyable.   

I want to support you to feel empowered and inspired as we begin this new decade. So many of us are starting to shift our energy and desire more out of life, the need for community is so great. I see you!  Let me be a part of your community!

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Small group work

  • Group presentations